Bike Totaal Bike Passport 

When you purchase a bike from Bike Totaal, you will receive the Bike Totaal Bike Passport. With this passport, you will automatically receive invitations for service appointments, which you can conveniently schedule online. Depending on the type of bike and the service package you select, the Bike Passport will be full of diverse tools for you to use and keep track of online. If you have questions, you are always welcome to ask them in a physical store nearby.


Your Opinion Matters 

We value your feedback. After each service appointment, you will receive an email invitation to share your thoughts on the service provided by your Bike Totaal store. On average, our customers rate our service appointments with an impressive 9.1! 


Activating Your Bike Passport 

After purchase, you will receive an email with an activation link to activate your Bike Passport. Log in using the username and password provided in the email. After logging in, you can update your password. For future visits, you can log in using the button below. 


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24/7 Access to your bike’s digital file 

User manual and terms and conditions 

You can consult the user manual and warranty terms for your bike. 


Key Replacement Service 

Easily order replacement keys through our online key replacement service. 


Bike Totaal Bike Insurance 

If you are not yet insured, you can still purchase Bike Totaal bike insurance online within 14 days. 


Financial information 

If you misplace any documents, don't worry; all your data is securely stored. 


Useful information 

Find information and links to enhance your bike journey. 


Schedule appointments 

Schedule servicing and repairs at your convenience. 


Bike Totaal Bike Passport Terms and Conditions 

  • In our online shop, we may not display all package options. Therefore, please inquire about the possibilities in our stores. 

  • The services linked to the Bike Passport are only applicable at the store where the bike was purchased. 

  • You will receive the Bike Passport immediately upon acquiring your new bike or with a specific selection of second-hand bikes. 

  • The passport is associated with a particular bike, and the credit cannot be transferred to another bike. 

  • If you sell your bike, you can transfer the Bike Passport to the new owner. 

  • Various emails will be sent to the email address associated with your Bike Passport, including service appointment invitations, requests for service appointment reviews, and information about the specific product you purchased from us, possibly due to product liability. You cannot unsubscribe to service-related e-mails. You can unsubscribe from newsletters by using the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the e-mail. 

  • By activating your Bike Passport, you agree to these terms and our privacy policy

  • We reserve the right to amend the terms of our Bike Passport at any time. 


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